Padmalaya  Telefilms Ltd

  • Representing a border view of infotainment
  • Leveraging India’s, specifically Hyderbad’s potential to serve as a cost-effective, creative and technically competent production base for the Asian and international infotainment industry
  • Leading infrastructure facility for video production &post-production
  • Multi-camera production units with full complement of lights an equipment
  • Linear /non linear edit suites including SGI and Mac platforms
  • Recording theatre
  • Titling and graphics stations
  • Capability for film graphics
  • Specialised pre-pres for promotional material
  • Dedicated unit for film trailers
  • Special infrastructure and units for Electronic News Gathering
  • In-house production units with leading script writers,producers and directors
  • Producers of television software,TV commercials and commissioned documentaries/news stories
  • Stock footage library
  • Hundreds of hours of television Software already aired on leading Indian Channels
  • Mega serials such as Budha and Jaiveer hanuman dubbed in foreign languages and telecast worldwide.
  • Orienting to the convergence of media.

PTL-the future is here

  •     Expansion of facilities
  •     Extension of capabilities

Establishment underway of one of Asia’s largest 2-D/3-D animation facilities.

  •   Latest systems and software
  •   Specially groomed artists and technicians
  •   Tie-ups and partnerships with industry leaders

 Online infotainment

  •  Multimedia
  • Web designing
  • Web casting
  • Infotainment portals/vortals
  • e-publishing
  • Cross-media interfaces
  • Training talent for the new- media age
  • Custom Software for infotainment
  • International collaborations

Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd

Leveraging over three decades of experience to harness the creative possibilities of infotainment in the digital age.